9 Reasons why Scott Brooks, MBA,CFP®, and his team can provide you with high-quality annuity leads for your practice:

• Because we understand what you want. Our founder Scott Brooks is a CFP® that began working in the industry in 1998. He knows the products and our industry. More importantly, he knows how to create, quality, and scrub high-quality leads.

• Because over 2,600 insurance agencies and advisory firms have purchased leads from Scott since he began in March 2010. Our process has been improved every year and is proven to work.

• Because our annuity leads come from multiple media platforms. Radio commercials, TV commercials, and online campaigns.

• Because our annuity leads are exclusive, fairly priced, and there are no long-term contracts. You can set daily & monthly caps to protect yourself as a lead buyer.

• Because Scott has 3 full-time employees who do nothing but scrub and verify leads. Scott’s team spends 25-30 minutes scrubbing each lead before it’s sold.

• Because 90% of Scott’s clients come via referral from clients and FMO’s. Referrals don’t happen if agents, advisors, and marketers are not happy with our service.

• Because Scott’s team is not a fmo/IMO and will never hassle you to switch your contracts. We focus on creating high-quality annuity leads.

• Because Scott’s leads are responding to ads about annuities! Bait and switch marketing wastes your most valuable asset – your time.

• Because Scott’s campaigns are compliant and DO NOT use rates of return or income riders to deceive consumers. Every major competitor we have uses 7-19% returns to create their annuity leads. We feel this is deceiving and a major compliance risk. The NJ Dept of Insurance fined an agent because of this. Don’t risk your career over a lead program.

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My name is Belinda. I have to say Scott’s annuity leads are hands down the best annuity lead system I have used. Off the first 12 leads I had… Read more
Belinda Royer
We began selling leads to the financial industry in 2010. Our mission is to provide high quality, scrubbed annuity leads and be the most trusted vendor in the industry.