Aged Annuity Leads

Here is some helpful information if you are looking for aged annuity leads. 

Our active clients have access to our aged annuity leads inside of our software. Our software portal reveals the price, city, state, zip, and location of the aged lead. 

Here are a few helpful tips when it comes to working-aged annuity leads. 

  1. You absolutely must warm up the leads with a letter or overnight package. This is important because the leads do not remember becoming a lead due to the time delay. The aged lead is more like a cold call and the letter or package will help warm it up. Need help designing the overnight package? Contact us and we will send you a free 45-minute video.

2. Expect a lower batting average. The aged annuity leads are going to be MUCH harder to book appointments with compared to a freshly scrubbed annuity lead. Some of the consumers already purchased an annuity or decided to move on. Expect the leads to be less friendly and tougher to engage. This is normal and to be expected. 

3. Some of the leads will be better than they were when they were created! Some of the aged annuity leads might have become a lead because of some future event. 

Ex. Let’s assume a person had an annuity coming due in 4 months……They might respond today based on the future event of the annuity maturing. If someone got the lead 3 months later it might be hotter than it was when it was created. 

4. Thicken up your skin. We normally suggest our clients start with fresh leads because they are considerably easier to work. 

5. Be careful with the aged annuity lead provider. Several of the larger annuity lead companies dump their garbage leads into their aged annuity lead program.  We don’t do this but most others do. 

Ex. Financial Advisors. Agents. Leads age 90. Disconnected phone numbers. Fax machines. Magic jack numbers.  Etc.  

The lead companies dump these leads into their aged lead program trying to make some money off them. We don’t do this but most others do.

You need to be extremely careful with the aged annuity lead vendor and make sure you are not set up to fail.

Our unsold leads are priced between $70-$110 and available to our existing clients.

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Written by Scott