IUL Leads Vs. Annuity Leads

How do IUL leads compare to annuity leads and annuity marketing? 

If your life depended on making an extra $100k over the next 12 months….which should you go with? 

If you chose IUL leads you just made a fatal mistake. 

Here’s why. 

We’ve had dozens of clients come into our annuity lead program over the last 5 years that had recently spent over $10k+ on IUL lead and IUL marketing. 

Not one of them made more than a 10X ROI on the IUL lead program. 


The IUL lead program they used would offer some type of book like “Safe Money ______” or “Wealth Beyond ________” etc. 

One of my clients in the midwest spent $15K on IUL radio and tv leads with another company. He was an established producer who knew how to work leads properly. 

His turned the $15k in IUL leads into $30K or so. So he doubled his money…

Which blows if you only net $15k in profit over 4-5 months and then have overhead and expenses to pay. 

Total waste of time! 

So when he came to us…..my message to him was simple. 

Stop the bait and switch marketing IUL marketing because it wastes your time! 

Most IUL lead programs fail because the message the IUL leads are responding to typically has nothing to do with life insurance! 

So the agent is stuck with having to convince the IUL lead of the value of the IUL concept and then get them excited about buying life insurance. 

The IUL lead battle was lost before it ever began! 

I told him that he should work our annuity leads because the leads are actually interested in annuities….the products he want to sell. 

The transparent annuity message does not pull nearly as many leads as IUL leads, but he was much more likely to actually convert them. 

Agents hate insurance leads because they require too much work. The radio of “work” to “commission” is not ideal for the agent.

Something magical happens when the salesperson and the prospect are both on the same page mentally. 

Less work. 

More Money! 

With our program he turned the first $6k in annuity marketing to over $140K in commissions if I remember correctly. 

With 80% less leads! 

Since there were 80% less leads…..that 80% fewer leads he had to work and follow up with. 

Around $134K in profit over 8 months with 80% fewer leads to work. 

Win Win Win. 

This is why I won’t create IUL leads….

I wish this was not so….but its the truth for most people who work IUL leads. 

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P.S. The consumers who typically reply to the IUL message are between age 40-55. We have found agents have a harder time dealing with leads in this age group as well. 

Seniors are just easier to deal with. 

Written by Scott