Annuity Marketing Service

Here are 4 reasons why we are America’s number one annuity marketing service. 

  1. Because Annuity marketing is the only thing we do!  Below is a list of the types of campaigns we have tested since 2010

Annuity Leads

SPWL Leads

IUL Leads

Money Manager Leads

Retirement Planning Leads

Fiduciary Leads 

401K Rollover Leads 

Reverse Mortgage Leads 

Homeowners Insurance Leads for homeowners in fire zones

Why have annuity leads and annuity marketing have been +99% of our business for the last 8 years?

Because advisors make more money on annuity leads with less effort than anything else we have tested! 

If you are like most people you might “test” a marketing program with a few thousand dollars….but you won’t continue to invest unless you see results. 

We would love to diversify our business away from our annuity marketing service but what you want is much more important than what we want. 

2.  Because we don’t deceive the public to become a lead. 

All of our main competitors lie in their advertisements. 

Here are some of the main lies they use. 

“Learn How This Annuity Earned 17% with no risk” 

“Learn how To Earn 8% Guaranteed”

“All the market upside with no downside”

“Learn how This Annuity Earned 40% with no risk. 

“11,000 Reports requested last week” 

7% Guaranteed Returns”

8% Guaranteed Returns

9% Guaranteed Returns

“We’ve researched 5,000 annuities” 

“Fake Testimonials”

“Featured On Wall St. Journal, BBC, Google News….”

All bullshit! Lies! 

We have asked over 20 marketers at insurance marketing organizations and asked them a simple question. 

“What is a reasonable rate of return for uncapped index annuities over time?

They ALL said 3-6%. 

So why are the companies using 7-40% returns in their ads?

Because they do not care. 

Don’t risk your career over any lead program. It’s not worth it. 

Because if the SEC, FINRA, or the Department of Insurance ever wakes up and decides to go after the liars in the industry its a huge risk. 

And trust me, the regulators are watching. One of our former clients got FINED $2k for buying leads from a competitor of ours.

And since two of our major competitors are in Canada…they won’t go after them….

They will go after the people buying the leads. They will go after you!

Don’t believe me? 

Contact us and we will send you PROOF.

3. Because we have worked with over 2,000 agencies and advisory firms. 

Having been around since 2010….we have improved our process every year and are proven. 

Click here and you can listen to 40+ testimonials from our clients. 

You’ve worked hard for your marketing dollars. Why risk them on an unproven program! 

4. Because we have a positive message about annuities.  Our advertising in many ways is the polar opposite of Ken Fisher’s ads. 

It’s nearly impossible in today’s day and age to change someone’s opinion about annuities. 

Selling an annuity to someone that hates annuities is about as easy as getting a lifelong Democrat or Republican to change parties! 

It’s probably not going to happen. 

This is the beauty of our positive annuity message……the advertising itself filters out the consumers who are open to the concept. 

And delivers them straight to you. 

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Written by Scott