Annuity Seminar Marketing – A Helpful Story For Advisors & Agents Wanting To Maximize Their ROI

Here’s a true story about annuity seminar marketing you should enjoy. 

I love agents and advisors who spend money to put on seminars! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. 


Because seminars are a huge driver of why consumers become annuity leads. 

A year ago I received a phone call from someone who calls leads for advisors and helps them book appointments. 

Basically, if you suck on the phone or have money to burn they will call leads for you. 

She went on to tell me that she had two heavy hitters advisors firms in Phoenix. 

Heavy Hitter #1 Did nothing but seminars. Several seminars per week. 

Heavy Hitter #2  Purchased annuity leads from almost every reputable vendor in the industry. 

Then she dropped some intel which you should find beneficial. 

She said “Scott, it’s amazing how many of the same families show up on both lead lists”

It was a problem for her because it’s hard for her staff to call the same family for two different advisors/agents. 

Surprisingly, she was shocked and did not understand why this was happening. 

My response – Consumers just don’t want up one day and decide to buy an annuity. 

There is a trigger. 

What often happens first is that the consumers goto the local seminar. 

They go to enjoy the steak dinner and learn about social security, retirement planning, etc. 

Or maybe they want a free “date night” with their wife paid for by the insurance agent down the street! 

At the event the advisor/agent books an appointment them to take a deeper dive into their finances. 

And then and only then do they get exposed to the annuity sales message. 


The advisor/agent who just spends $6-8k on the seminar wants to get their money back PLUS turn a profit on the seminar they just put on. 

One of the great things about working annuity based leads is that you get exposed to consumers who are later in the buying cycle. 

They have already been fed the steak dinner and already been warmed up a bit to the annuity message. 

Seminars are becoming harder and harder to monetize. Unless you can time warp to 1995 I would encourage you to learn more about our annuity lead program. 

Most digital seminars don’t fare any better. A client of ours just spent $4k on a digital seminar in California. They had 192 “registrations”, but only 3 people showed up for the event.

The worse part is 2 of the 3 people left immediately when the digital seminar started!

Contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss our annuity lead program.

Written by Scott