Final Expense Leads Vs. Annuity Leads

Final expense leads and final expense marketing can be a great way to provide some income for agents who are starting out. 

Have you ever wondered how final expense leads compare to annuity leads?

We have done a number of insurance campaigns in the past and typically you will find a completely different type of consumer respond to any type of insurance campaign than an annuity campaign. 

Final expense leads tend to be low to middle-income Americans who are looking to protect their family in case of an emergency. Think Bottom 50-60% of income and net worth in the USA. 

The only problem is that the deals tend to be smaller case sizes and smaller commissions. 

Because the people don’t have a lot of money!

After all, its hard to squeeze blood out of a turnip. 

Annuity leads tend to be very different in that the consumers who respond tend to be in the top 20-30% of income and net worth in the USA. 

They are more educated and more familiar with their financial options. 

For example, we had 8 doctors become annuity leads just yesterday from our marketing. 

If you are working in the final expense market here are a few reasons to consider expanding into annuity leads. 

  1. Larger deals and case sizes. We had a client just write $1.4 million in premium on 15 leads in Boca Raton, FL. She invested $3k in marketing and made almost $100k in one month! How many final expenses cases would you have to write to make $100k? Too many! 
  2. Annuity leads don’t have underwriting. 
  3. You can spend more time with your family and less time writing smaller cases and driving thru bad parts of town!. Enjoy your life. Do what you want to do. 
  4. Because annuity leads have more assets you can cross-sell a wider range of products to them.  (Ex. SPWL, insurance, investments, etc).

If you have been working final expense leads for a number of years I have some great news for you. The experience you have gained in working final expenses leads will help you tremendously if you decide to work annuity leads. 

We have a client who went from making $100K per year selling final expense to over $500K per year in annuity sales ONLY FROM OUR LEADS. 


He took the same techniques he refined working final expense leads and applied them to annuity leads. 

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Final expense leads can provide a great base line for agents starting out.

Once you have a base level of income consider adding annuity leads into your arsenal to take your practice to the next level!

Written by Scott