Preset Appointments – Annuity Leads

If you are looking for pre-set appointments for annuity leads I have some important information for you. 

A huge majority of the pre-set annuity appointments companies are a scam and not trustworthy. 

Josh Melburg has been one the largest spenders in the annuity space for years now. He has openly said that the appointments he book for his agents cost them $2,000 per appointment

Keep that in mind the next time a company offer you some ridiculous deal like 10 appointments for $500. 

Most of them flat out stink!

Here are a few things to watch out for. 

#1 Deceptive FMO “Lead Programs”

 There is an FMO in Utah who has a “annuity lead program” for agents. From what I was told by a client of mine that used them they sell their “pre-set appointments” for $300. 

Their “pre-set appointments” were actually phone appointments, not in home appointments. 

My client in the Bay Area said that their service was the most deceptive service he has ever used! 


Not only were the appointment fake…..the leads did not hear the work annuity in their radio ad. 

If the annuity marketing service does not use the word annuity ad to create annuity leads for agents the quality is going to be horrible! 

Instead of dealing with the preset annuity appointment scams, you should consider one of the reputable annuity marketing services like ours.

You can learn more about our pre-qualified annuity leads here

When you work the leads to make them easier to book appointments with consider overnighting a package about your practice to the leads. 

In sales, you should always develop trust and credibility BEFORE asking someone for something. 

The overnight package develops trust with the leads and makes them easier to work. 

We have found that the overnight package concept to be a huge benefit. You can learn more about the overnight package process by watching the video here

#2  Mail Us A Check Scam 

The deceptive preset appointment vendors usually want you to mail them a check. 


Because once they deposit your funds you are screwed and have virtually no recourse. 

100% of the trustworthy vendors in the financial industry let you charge for their services on credit card. 

It costs the vendor processing fees but gives the consumer more power. 

Don’t fall for the check scam. 

Be better than that! 

Written by Scott