Retirement Planning Leads Vs. Annuity Leads?

Have you ever wondered how retirement planning leads match up against a qualified annuity lead?

If so, keep reading because the story below will give you some unique insight into the market.

A year ago I received a call from a well known RIA firm with over $125 BILLION in assets under management. 

The call went something like this. 

$125 Billion Firm – “We are looking into annuity leads for our firm and are wondering what you could do for us. We are a national firm that spends over $5 million per year on marketing and have offices in many locations around the country

Me: Aweosme! Is your group insurance licensed? Do you sell annuities? 

$125 Billion Firm “No. We are not. No we don’t sell them.”

Me: “I am not sure our lead program is a good fit for your organization because we have a positive message about annuities. The leads we create want to learn about annuities. 

They want to see rates, products, and proposals on the best annuity products on the market. And some of them actually want to buy an annuity!”

Why do you want to get in front of consumers interested in annuities when you don’t sell them?

$125 Billion Firm “That is ok. We spent over $5 million per year on marketing and prefer leads that come in from the annuity message because they are later in the buying cycle and quicker to write checks AND they are higher net worth individuals. 

“The leads that come in from our general retirement message have less assets compared to annuity leads and are further away from making a decision”

Me: Who is calling the leads? 

$125 Billion Firm “We have an internal call center that calls the leads. We learned that most advisors do not do a good job when they make outbound calls to leads. 

We have a team internally that warms them up for our guys.” 

Me: “Great” 

A few key takeaways from the call 

  1. Leads that respond to the annuity message are higher-income individuals. They have larger investment amounts and higher net worths compared to most generic financial campaigns. They are also much more likely to make a move with their finances in the first 60-90 days. 

2.  Generic Retirement Planning leads produce lower income, lower net worth from consumers earlier in the buying cycle. In my opinion, social security leads and insurance leads have even lower investable assets than retirement planning leads. 

3. The message in the advertisement has a HUGE impact on lead quality. Our annuity campaigns have a positive message about annuities and do NOT use deceptive returns to create the lead. This produces a qualified lead! 

4.  Want to crush lead follow up? We have 5 videos where we have shared lessons, tips, and techniques from over 2,400 firms in our lead program. Contact us and we can send you all of the videos. 

The reason why our business is 99.9% based on annuity leads is that the leads are much more likely to convert into profitable sales for our clients.

Learn more about our annuity lead program here  

Written by Scott